About Us

At Ampersand Salon we believe in bringing a wholesome experience to yourself and your hair. 


Offering bespoke services and premium ammonia free colours, our highly trained hair artists will treat your hair in a kind and loving manner. 

In our elegant and peaceful environment, we provide you with the perfect atmosphere to relax, unwind and feel indulged.

As a sustainably-minded salon, the combination of our technical skills and the enriching specialised products' range we use ensures that the health of your hair is maintain between follow up appointments.

Come and visit us to discover an entire new approach to caring for yourself, and your number one accessory ~ your hair. 

Our commitment to sustainability

Proud member of Sustainable Salons, this program helps minimise our foot print and change lives.  

To support this great initiative, a $2 fee is applied once per client, per visit upon check out. 


Along with the contribution, we recycle 95% of all salon waste. We also collect ponytails and distributes them, via the program, to charitable organisations where they can become wigs for those suffering from medically-induced hair-loss conditions, or help fund other life-changing programs.

For more information about how the contribution will support this program ask our team, or visit www.sustainablesalons.org.


Look good, feel good, do good.